Sringaram or love is hailed as the King of Rasas. Delineating subtle shades and hues, it is a complex Rasa that is evoked from the multi-layered dynamics of love and romance. The 2017 edition of the Natya Kala Conference is an attempt to celebrate Sringaram in all its glory.

We aim to explore why this Rasa, one of the Navarasas, has enjoyed the privilege of being hailed as the supreme Rasa, capable of constant innovation in creation and expression.

The Natya Kala Conference 2017 offers a deep, insightful exploration of the various interpretations and connotations of Sringaram in different genres of not only Indian classical dance but also its manifestation across the Indian performing arts; its beauty and interpretation in poetry, its delightful stories in the world of Indian mythology and its melodic articulations in music.

Event Schedule

26th December 2017


9.30 am – 10.25 am : Inauguration of the Natya Kala Conference 2017
Guests of Honour – Nritya Choodamani Ms Lakshmi Vishwanathan (Bharatanatyam Exponent)
and Smt Leela Venkataraman (Arts Scholar and Commentator)
Keynote Address by Dr Srinidhi Chidambaram
Conferring of the Award, “Natya Kala Visaarada ha” on Sri Ashish Mohan Khokar

10.30 am – 11.10 am : Love in the Kingdom of God
Sri Devdutt Pattanaik
11.25 am – 12.05 pm : Sringara Lahari - A Continuum
Smt Geeta Chandran
12.10 pm – 12.50 pm : Samyoga - Depicting Love in Kathakali
Sri Sadanam Balakrishnan

27th December 2017


9.30 am - 10.15 am : Hues of Shringara in Kathak
Smt Nirupama and Sri Rajendra
10.20 am – 11.05 am : Kaadalin Mozhi – An Exploration of Tamil Love Poetry
Sri Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu
11.25 am – 12.10 pm :Is Sringaram Relevant Today? The Big Debate
Smt Bragha Bessell, Smt Sheela Unnikrishnan, Smt Rajeshwari Sainath, Sri Aniruddha Knight,
Dr Swarnamalya Ganesh, Sri Christopher Guruswamy

Moderated by: Dr Srinidhi Chidambaram
4.30 pm - 6.30 pm : Performing Sringaram - A Workshop
Smt Priyadarsini Govind (Special session at The Folly, Amethyst. To register, write to

28th December 2017


9.30 am - 10.15 am : Paluku Thenala Thalli - Sringaram Exposition in the Bani of Dr Vempati Chinna Satyam
Sri Jaikishore Mosalikanti
10.20 am - 11.05 am : Sringaram - A Male Perspective
Sri Vaibhav Arekar
11.20am - 12.10pm : Coffee and Conversations
12.15pm - 1pm : Sringaram–Through the Eyes of Saint Tyagaraja
Sri V Sriram

29th December 2017


9.30 am - 10.20 am : Geeta Govindam - Invoking Radha
Smt Sharmila Biswas (Odissi) and Smt Vidhya Subramaniam (Bharatanatyam)
10.25 am - 11.05 am : Alarsaraparitapam - Sringaram in the Compositions of Maharaja Swati Tirunal
Dr Neena Prasad
11.25 am – 12.10 pm : Atimoham - The Sensual and the Sacred in Metaphor and Movement
Smt Alarmel Valli and Ms Arundhathi Subramaniam
12.15 pm - 1.00 pm: Drowning in Bliss: A Performative Paper Exploring
Gender Fluidity in the Vaishnava Tradition
Dr Anita Ratnam

30th December 2017


9.30 am - 10.15 am : Enthati Kuluke - Wit and Humour in the World of Sringaram
Ms Lakshmi Vishwanathan
10.20 am - 11.05 am : Musicality in Sringaram
Sri Sid Sriram
11.25 am - 12.20 pm : Impromptu - Improvisation and Spontaneity in Expressing Sringaram
Presented by: Smt Rajika Puri
Participants: Kum Nrithya Pillai, Kum Srividya Sailesh, Kum Harinie Jeevitha
Vocal:Smt Radha Badri

About the Convenor

Dr Srinidhi Chidambaram has carved a niche for herself in the field of Bharatanatyam for the last 42 years. Starting at the tender age of 4 , she has performed in several of the renowned cultural forums in India and abroad .

Decorated with numerous awards such as the Kalaimamani , Nritya Choodamani, Nadanamamani and the Natya Kala Sarathy, she has performed widely all over India and abroad. Srinidhi practises the Vazhuvoor style of Bharatanatyam and trained under Smt Kamala and Swamimalai Sri S.K Rajaratnam . She has also trained in Carnatic music from Smt Suguna Purushothaman. She has several solo choreographic works to her credit.

Srinidhi is a medical doctor with a MD degree in Public health , currently Vice President, Apollo Hospitals group, with over 15 years experience in management, communication, medical audits and community health programmes. She has been the convenor Natya Kala Conference for the past 2 years and has also served on the Governing Board of Kalakshetra .

Srinidhi ‘s current journey in dance involves creation of unique pieces for the Bharatanatyam margam repertoire, sourcing from our rich heritage of classical music and poetry , as seen in her recent presentations of combinations of traditional varnams with Tamil poetry . She also is working on creating new pieces for margam using themes of relevance for today .